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Graham Dilloway CITP MBCS
Computer Expert Witness

Chartered IT Professional and Member of British Computer Society

Listed in Register of Expert Witnesses

Member of the Academy of Experts

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Chartered IT Professional and Member of the British Computer Society and of the Academy of Experts..


Since 1971, Mr Dilloway has specialised in the design, implementation and support of computer service infrastructures. It is this infrastructure that is the interface used by people in business to access the applications that operate the business. Mr Dilloway has particular skills and knowledge in the implementation, support and use of computer operating systems and of packaged and bespoke application software.

Case History

Mr Dilloway has prepared computer expert witness reports in matters including:

Mr Dilloway has given spoken testimony on several occasions (once for two full days).

Employment History

Mr Dilloway has engaged in freelance work for most of his career and has worked in about 100 different computing environments. Mr Dilloway's responsibilities have included:


Throughout his career, Mr Dilloway has delivered services to the business users of computers. This experience has given him considerable skills in the de-mystification of computing.

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