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Graham Dilloway CITP MBCS
Computer Expert Witness

Chartered IT Professional and Member of British Computer Society

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Informal Contact about Computer Evidence

It is not unusual for me to be contacted directly by people seeking advice regarding evidence from computers.  I have been contacted

I can discuss evidence from computers but I cannot offer advice on legal proceedings or advice on police interviews or any other advice.

I have been contacted by people in the days and weeks after the police have searched their home and seized computer equipment.  I have spoken in general terms about evidence that police may find when the computer is examined.  There is little that I can say or do before the police produce the results of their examination.  I have seen cases where the report of the computer examination has been misunderstood by the investigating police officers or by the prosecution lawyers.  I would expect any misunderstandings to be cleared up, perhaps with the help of a computer expert witness instructed by defence solicitors.

I have talked in general terms about what might happen during a police station interview after a computer has been examined.  I have always recommended that people should follow the advice of a legal representative, such as a solicitor with regard to police interviews.  It has been my experience that police interviews regarding evidence from computers can involve misleading questions that lead to misleading answers.

I have been contacted by Defendants on the eve of their Trial.  I can discuss how the evidence in the imminent case compares to the evidence in other cases that I have worked. 

On several occasions, I have spoken to people who are considering an Appeal against a conviction.  I have examined evidence and trial transcripts in such cases and written letters describing the exhibits and testimony used in court.  I have prepared reports for use in criminal appeal cases.  It is my understanding that the rules regarding grounds for Appeal are strict and I cannot know whether the events at any particular trial provide grounds for an appeal.

I am willing to take calls from anyone wishing to discuss evidence obtained from computers.

Informal Evidence Review

I  prepared an informal expert witness letter discussing evidence in the days before a trial. Letter discussing evidence ...

I exchanged emails shortly before a sentence hearing.  Emails regarding evidence ...