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Jabra Storm Headset

I wrote an item to describe my experience with a Jabra Easycall headset that I used with a Nexus 4 phone running Android. Jabra offered me a Jabra Storm headset free of charge if I agreed to write of my experience with the Storm.

I found the Storm to be very comfortable to wear. The device is worn behind the ear and is, in my view, more elegant that other headsets such as the Easycall.

I used the S-Note app running on a Samsung Note 10.1 and recorded my voice using the Jabra Storm and the Easycall. I played back the recordings using each of the Bluetooth devices and using the tablet speakers. It is my opinion that the recordings made with the Storm were slightly clearer than recordings made with the Easycall. It is my view that the microphone in the Storm does a slightly better job than the microphone in the Easycall.

The quality of the sound heard seemed to me to be clearer and to sound better when using the Storm when I compared the quality of playback using the Storm and the Easycall. It is my view that the speaker in the Storm does a better job than the speaker in the Easycall.

For completeness, I should say that I am not a heavy user of Bluetooth devices and that I am entirely content with the performance of the Jabra Easycall headset that I have been using (infrequently).

In summary, it is my view that the Jabra Storm is a good looking, comfortable and effective Bluetooth headset.