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Audio to Google Home & Chromecast speakers from Windows

I wanted to be able to play audio from any application running on my Windows computer using Chromecast Audio devices (or Google Home compatible speakers). 

I listen to music using iTunes in Windows.  I listen to Internet radio stations using the Firefox web browser.

I use the Desktop Audio Streamer app from here to cast audio to Chromecast from any software running on my Windows computer.  This is the only reliable software that I have found that will cast audio from any software that I use in Windows.

The app automatically finds and lists the Chromecast devices (and also finds Google Home compatible speakers).  The app also finds and lists device groups that I have created in Google Home.  I can click on a device or group to send audio to a device or to all the devices in a group.

The options avaialble include "Show window at startup" or not.  I have not ticked this option and the app starts and is an icon in the system tray (in the bottom right corner of the screen).  I can left click on the icon to display the full app on screen ... a second click on the tray icon minimises the app back to the tray.  A right click on the tray icon lists Chromacast devices, speakers and groups and I can click on the list to start sending audio.

I have been using Desktop Audio Streamer for a few weeks and I do not of any reason why the software will not be reliable but I cannot be sure that the software will work on all computers at all times..  I do not know and I have never spoken to the author of the software.